I work with clients to develop a research outline of their needs, and use trustworthy sources to compile targeted, compelling, customized research. Your deliverable is an organized summary of findings, with concise analysis of key issues related to project objectives. My work has been used in sales presentations, marketing materials, blogs, brochures, investor presentations and for internal company decision-making.


Research Services Include:

  • Secondary market research
  • Business and industry research
  • Startup and business case research
  • Infographic research and copy
  • Research projects for authors, educators and non-profit organizations
  • Web & database research
  • Fact checking
  • Statistic and fact based blogging


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Some recent projects:

  • Infographic research and copy on careers in genetic testing and technology
  • Research related to data security in Europe and the largest breaches in recent history
  • Infographic research and copy about wealth distribution in the US
  • Vendor research and analysis for a custom mapping project
  • Research for a recreational vehicle accessory manufacturer about changing preferences across generations for camping destinations and activities
  • Market revenues, adoption rates, consumer demographic and preference information for mobile app start up
  • Profiles of the social habits and behavior of great apes
  • Research into the changing nature of retirement for a financial planning business
  • Research profiling IT job seekers for a recruiting company
  • Company and competitor profiles of gaming app developers

Work samples

Most of  my work is protected by non-disclosure agreements, but a fair amount of it is turned into beautiful infographics by talented designers.  Infographics can be used to showcase statistics in an eye-catching and digestible way.  Use them on your website, on social media, in your sales presentations, etc.