I spent over ten years as reference librarian at some of the top academic, research, and public libraries in the United States where I sharpened and polished my research skills.  While in a corporate setting, I saw the need for knowledge and information workers in the business world and branched out on my own in 2012.  Since then I have helped clients with all kinds of research needs and learned so much along the way.  I've become an expert at analyzing large volumes of data and information and selecting what is most meaningful and topical to the project I'm currently working on.  I absolutely love the research process and discovering new things every day.
I'm seeking freelance, contract or project-based opportunities to work with people, companies and brands who need secondary research, insight and analysis to connect with their target marketplace.
Currently I live in Asheville, NC and in my spare time, I enjoy gardening, hiking, and fixing up my old house!

Client COmments And testimonials

“Ursula did a great job: knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. Highly recommend!” - Techne LLC, 2019

“Provided exactly what I was looking for in this project - would definitely hire again.” - Indeed, Austin, TX, 2018

"Ursula delivered everything I asked for and more in a very professional, clear and timely way. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a highly skilled researcher." - Deva Earth Foundation, Glorieta, NM 2018


"Amazing! Love her work and exceptionally skilled. Highly recommended."B. Napier, Author, 2017


"Ursula is very attentive to the requirements requested, and makes sure that the work being performed is up to standards along the way so the final result is as expected. Highly recommended." - Neighbormate, Chicago, 2016


"Ursula skillfully selected the salient points of both deep and broad research, in a fairly esoteric area. Highly impressive. Thank you!" -  QuantaCorp, Ghent, Belgium, 2016


"Well, this is great stuff, and I find it very interesting and helpful."  - D. Rathbun, Author, 2016


"This was extraordinary - thank you!" - Managed Marketing, New Hampshire, 2015


"Great work as usual!" - P. Murphy, Real Estate professional, New York City area, 2015


"Excellent communicator, high quality work and thought contribution. Very responsive with excellent levels of project ownership." - B Train Lab, New York City area, 2014


"Ursula is a skilled, thorough, and efficient researcher. She asked insightful questions and did not need handholding. She is a true gem and I will hire her again soon for my next project." - Grab a Bucket, Inc., San Francisco, 2014


"As a start up with a gazillion tasks, it's key to our success that we have a team who can essentially pick up the ball and run with it. You've done just that for us. Thanks so much." - B Train Lab, New York City area, 2014


"Great quality on short notice, fantastic!" - Jonas Barre, Germany, 2014


"Brilliant work, will hire again!"Implix, Poland, 2013


 "Very happy with Ursula's research results as well as her promptness and responsiveness to messages. I'm looking forward to working with her again soon." - Kippa Ring Vet Surgery, Australia, 2013


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